The SciTech Publishers is a fast growing academic publisher that publishes journals, books and magazines in every field of "Science and Technology".
The first venture of The SciTech Publishers is the introduction of a peer reviewed journal entitled "The SciTech, Journal of Science & Technology". This journal covers the broad spectrum of "Science and Technology" like the experimental, theoretical and computational sciences, engineering sciences, and technology. This Journal reflects the broad interests of today's research community, providing a dedicated forum for rapidly reporting breakthroughs in the development and application of concepts, methods, and applications in the broad area of "Science and Technology".

Our editors, editorial board members and editorial staff, and senior scientists ensure rapid and neutral peer review process of the articles, in basic and applied research, submitted for publication in our Journals.

The SciTech Magazine is an open access magazine for science and engineering students (both UG and PG). The magazine is dedicated to all such students. It is an open access bi annual magazine. No article submission cost and its soft copy is totally free (Open access).
There are many other available journals, magazines etc in the same field. However, some offers open access model but claims paper submission cost. Some offers free paper submission cost but claims money to access the paper. It is very difficult for several researchers and students who have no such fund to meet the expenses of such cost to continue their research work. To get rid of such difficulties, the SciTech Publishers introduced a peer reviewed journal and a magazine on science and technology which are open access and do not claim any paper submission cost.

The recent venture of The SciTech Publishers is the introduction of two peer reviewed international journal entitled "The SciTech, International Journal of Medical Sciences" and "The SciTech, International Journal of Engineering Sciences".
The publisher is also going to publish a research book "Recent trends in Agriculture, Water and Environment Research".

Very soon we are going to introduce The SciTech, Journal of Management Technology.

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Provisional articles for the eight regular issue (Vol-4,Issue-1) of TSTJST is Published (August-2015 ).

Call for articles for the Volume 4 Issue 2(Dec 2015-Jan 2016)of TSTJST: Deadline for paper submission : 29th Feb, 2016.

Call for articles for the Volume 2 Issue 1(June-July 2016)of TSIJES: Deadline for paper submission : 31st June, 2016.

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